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Russian Jewish Mafia Chabd Lubavitch,Putin,Trump,son-in-law Jared Kushner,Felix Sater,Lev Leviev and Roman Abramovich,ET.AL
Felix Henry Sater (born Felix Mikhailovich SheferovskyRussianФеликс Михайлович Шеферовский; March 2, 1966) is a Russia-born American real estate developer and former managing director of Bayrock Group LLC, a real estate conglomerate based out of New York City, New York. Sater has been an advisor to many corporations, including The Trump Organization[6]Rixos Hotels and Resorts, Sembol Construction, Potok (formerly the Mirax Group), and TxOil.
In 1998, Sater pleaded guilty to his involvement in a $40 million stock fraud scheme orchestrated by the Russian Mafia.[7][8] In exchange for his guilty plea, he agreed to become an informant for the Federal Bureau of Investigation and federal prosecutors, assisting with organized crime. In July 2017, it was reported that Sater had agreed to cooperate with investigators concerning an international money laundering scheme.[9]

Starting in 1999, Vladimir Putin was consolidating control in Russia. He wanted to undermine the opposition, including the established umbrella for Jewish civil society, the Russian Jewish Congress. So he enlisted two of his wealthiest oligarch cronies, Lev Leviev and Roman Abramovich—remember those names—to create an organization to be called the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia. The strategy was one of displacement and replacement. Leviev and Abramovich were major funders of Chabad, so the new federation would be under the leadership of Chabad Rabbi Berel Lazar, who would soon become known scornfully as “Putin’s rabbi.” Chabad became Putin’s tool, and by 2014 the sitting Chief Rabbi of Russia was pushed out and “Putin’s rabbi” Lazar installed in his place. Lazar was the only Jewish leader present at Putin’s triumphant announcement of the annexation of Crimea. He was also Putin’s special guest at the opening of the Sochi Olympics (on the Sabbath, yet!) and he was Putin’s personal tour guide at Jerusalem’s Western Wall. Anti-Semitism suddenly was officially discouraged in Russia, and a state-sanctioned Judaism, Chabad-Lubavitch, was publicly celebrated. In 2013, a $50 million Jewish center opened in Moscow, funded by Abramovich with Putin himself contributing the equivalent of a month’s salary. The center was and remains under the auspices of Chabad.
Meanwhile, Trump, seeking Russian projects and especially capital, joined forces with a partnership called Bayrock-Sapir, which had close ties to Chabad. This company would later face multiple lawsuits for fraud, a criminal investigation of a Manhattan condo project, and an ongoing lawsuit filed by its own former executives, for racketeering and extortion.
Bayrock-Sapir was led by three men: Felix Sater, Tevfik Arif, and Tamir Sapir. Felix Sater is a Chabad House member and a convicted mob associate who in time would work directly for the Trump Organization. Tevfik Arif, a Turkish-born former Soviet bureaucrat turned wealthy real-estate developer (and Chabad donor), was arrested in a raid on a yacht in 2010 and charged with running an international underage prostitution ring, a charge he managed to beat on technicalities. And Tamir Sapir, a billionaire who will return later in this story—well, in 2007, Sapir’s daughter married the right-hand man of Putin pal Leviev. Donald Trump, who termed Sapir “a great friend,” hosted the wedding at Mar a Lago. Some months later, Trump met with Leviev to discuss Moscow deals, and attended a bris (circumcision) ceremony for Sapir’s new grandson at Rabbi Schneerson’s grave, which is a holy Chabad site.
Still with me? The plot thins—becoming more transparent.
Trump senior-adviser-son-in-law Jared Kushner later bought a $300 million building from Leviev, by that time the largest funder of Chabad worldwide. And remember Abramovich, the other major Chabad funder who, along with Leviev, is in Putin’s inner-circle? Abramovich is also part owner of a firm with contracts to provide 40 percent of the steel for the Keystone XL pipeline. He owns a large stake in the Russian oil mega-corporation, Rosneft, a company implicated in the Trump-Russia collusion investigations. His wife Zhukova hosted Ivanka and Jared in Russia in 2014 (while scouting real estate properties), and the Abramoviches reportedly attended Trump’s inauguration as Ivanka’s guests. Zhukova, a friend and business partner of Rupert Murdoch’s ex-wife Wendi Deng, has grown even closer to Ivanka, who in turn has grown closer to Wendi Deng, who of late repeatedly has had to deny that she has been dating (wait for it!) Putin.
What a small world!
And remember Felix Sater? The Chabad House member and convicted mob associate from Bayrock who partnered with Trump on numerous developments? He escorted Ivanka and Donald Junior around Moscow in 2006 to, again, scout potential projects. When Sater’s stock-fraud conviction became public, Donald Senior nevertheless brought him on to the Trump Organization as a top-level adviser, though later Trump claimed he barely knew Sater. Chummy photos would seem to prove otherwise.
From here on, things get positively Byzantine, with interlocking deals and financing between Russia and Trump, with Ivanka and Sater working together on the Trump Soho Hotel, and with a cast of thousands of additional supporting players from Turkey, Soviet Georgia, and Azerbaijan, plus the usual suspects, Carter Page, Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, Mike Flynn, Russian diplomats, et al.
But I’ll include here only one new character: Michael Cohen, former Trump Organization executive vice-president, now Donald’s personal lawyer, nicknamed “Trump’s pit bull.” It was Cohen who tried to defend Trump’s campaign-convenient newfound opposition to abortion by saying, “People change their positions all the time, the way they change their wives.” Cohen, who scoffs at the idea he has ties to Chabad, was a featured speaker this past March at a gala dinner of The Rabbinical College of America, which is described on the Chabad site as educating students worldwide to be “emissaries of the Lubavitcher Rabbi.” The gala was to honor David Shulkin, now U.S. Secretary of Veterans’ Affairs, for his service to the Chabad community. Such a coincidence.
The New York Times reported that in January, Michael Cohen met with his former Trump Organization colleague, convicted felon Felix Sater, to explore a Ukraine deal that would lift U.S. sanctions on Russia and deliver Crimea to Russia uncontested. Cohen brought the proposal resulting from that meeting in a sealed envelope to the then-National Security Adviser: Michael Flynn.
Not surprisingly, Jared Kushner (whose father was also a convicted felon, remember) himself had been active in his undergraduate years at Harvard in the local Chabad House. The Kushner family had long been donors to Chabad, but Jared built his own connections with Putin’s Chabad circle over real estate. Furthermore, Jared apparently isn’t merely “Modern Orthodox” as reported, but appears to be Chabad-Lubavitch Orthodox—as his converted wife, Ivanka Trump, appears to be. Three days before the election, Jared and Ivanka prayed for Trump’s victory at Rabbi Schneerson’s grave—and they have chosen Washington DC’s Chabad shul as their home synagogue.
Hell, no wonder Comey requested more agents for the FBI investigation. You need maps, charts, Venn diagrams, and a compass to navigate, much less unravel, the web of this sinister travesty. If you read Ben Schreckinger’s impressive full article, keep a stiff drink nearby. Just not Manischewitz wine or Russian vodka.
Oh, and by the way, if anyone is so stupid or cruel as to accuse me of anti-Semitism for furthering this crucial work of investigative reporting, they might as well check out my decades-long record of criticizing Israel’s policy toward Palestine, and my even longer record of criticizing all organized religions—in particular fundamentalist evangelical versions thereof—plus sects, cults, and patriarchal institutions that deify men and segregate women, deny them divorce and other rights, pressure them to bear 8 to 10 children, and close ranks against exposure of rabbinical rape of girls and criminal investigations of child sexual abuse in their schools and communities.
By the way, my maternal grandfather was a rabbi and my paternal grandfather was gassed to death and incinerated at Auschwitz. I never knew either one, which may or may not be just as well.
Long live freedom of the press.

Bloody Parkland Stoneman Drill:Donald Trump ,Chabad Lubavitch Mafia,Sheriff Scott Israel,Roger Stone,Roy Cohn

Donald Trump ,Chabad Lubavitch Mafia,Sheriff Scott Israel,Roger Stone,Roy Cohn

Parkland Rabbis: 'The Tragedy Is Still Unfolding in Our ... -

4 days ago - Biston says that Chabad rabbis have been working closely with Broward County SheriffScott Israel, who is a member of Chabad, to ensure that the bodies of the Jewish dead are released for burial as soon as possible in accordance with Jewish tradition. Chabad has also enlisted the help of several ...

President Trump pardons jailed Chabad icon Rubashkin | The Jewish ...

Dec 20, 2017 - President Trump pardons jailed Chabad icon Rubashkin ... President Donald Trumpcommuted the sentence of Sholom Rubashkin, the chief executive of what was then the largest kosher slaughterhouse in the country, who was convicted ... Rubashkin, a member of the Chabad Lubavitchmovement, is 57.

Shooter Caught on Chabad Camera -

18 hours ago - Rabbi Hershy Bronstein of the Chabad Chai Center – Coral Springs said that area residents had been pressuring officials for more details about Cruz's activities from the time he left the high school until he was detained by the police. A Thursday night announcement by Broward CountySheriff Scott Israel ...

Scott Israel | Chris Nethery's Russia Revealed

Nov 1, 2017 - WSVN reported that Florida Governor Rick Scott, a friend and political backer of Trump's, Broward sheriff Scott Israel and WSVN owner Ed Ansin were all in attendance. In February of .... Sater's connections point to the Chabad-Lubavitch house, of which Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner is 

political and science rhymes

3 days ago - Israeli Zionist Parkland Florida Sheriff Israel Has Blood OnHis Hands. ... Biston says that Chabad rabbis have been working closely with Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, who is a member of Chabad, to ensure that the bodies of the ... Chabad-Lubavitch is a criminal organization, an organized crime mafia.

Interesting blog mentioning Sheriff Scott Israel,Donald Trump,Roger J. Stone,Broward County connections.This is from December 2017,before the school drill-shooting.

Donald Trump has been developing real estate in South Florida since 1995, when he partnered with Dezer Development. Broward County is also home to one of Donald Trump’s failed building projects, Trump International Hotel & Tower in Fort Lauderdale. Trump worked on this project with Russian mob-linked Felix Sater. As I’ve written about before, there should no distinction made between the Russian mob and the Russian government.

This past summer, the Miami Herald published a piece titled ‘Russian official linked to South Florida biker club spent millions on Trump condos’. The Herald reported that one of these men, Svyatoslav Mangushev, is a Russian intelligence officer turned Miami real-estate investor.

Mangushev helped found a biker club called Spetsnaz M.C., which is the named after a branch of Russian special forces. The article went on to say, “Spetsnaz M.C. was founded two years ago by Mangushev and other Russian expatriates, including a decorated Broward Sheriff’s deputy.” The Broward Sheriff’s deputy in question was a man named German Bickbau, and you’ll remember the sheriff of Broward is Scott Israel...

Who does George Birnbaum frequently write op-eds with in various publications? The ‘Democrat’ Hank Sheinkopf, and another man, Ronn Torossian. It’s Torossian who is the spokesperson for Donald Trump’s longtime business partner, the Russian mobster I mentioned earlier, Felix Sater. Sater’s connections point to the Chabad-Lubavitch house, of which Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner is also a member. This recent articleon Sater, then, is worth reviewing.

Now, who was the biggest backer for Scott Israel’s campaign for sheriff? It was and is the Nixon dirty trickster and longtime Trump advisor, Roger J. Stone. In fact, after he took over as Broward’s sheriff in 2013, Israel added several of Stone’s associates to his staff. This included Stone’s book publicist, longtime executive assistant and the co-author of Stone’s books...

Roger Stone isn’t called a ‘dirty-trickster’ for no reason, but one of his dirty tricks that doesn’t get enough attention is his influence on the right and the left. How’s that possible? Because partisan politics aren’t running the show in Washington anymore. The mob is, and the biggest, most powerful mob in the world is the Mafia State otherwise known as Russia.....

Stone and others use Sheinkopf to bounce narratives off each other and off the member of the media who are either complicit or unwitting assets of a greater narrative. It’s not all that difficult to get things trending, after all. Automated bots on Twitter, for instance, feed right into this behavior.....

If that seems fanciful to you, then consider what Donald Trump has been doing to the media for the last two-plus years. Also keep in mind that around half of Trump’s 41 million Twitter followers are fake or bot accounts. Who do you think it was who taught Donald many of his dirty tricks? Roger Stone, and before him, their mutual mentor Roy Cohn....


Spooky Kimberly and James Snead, who looked after Nikolas Cruz.

James Snead, the father of the family that took Nikolas Cruz in, got his start as an 'Electronic Warfare Signal Intelligence Analyst' according to his LinkedIn. 

Kimberly Snead, 49, is a neonatal nurse.

James Snead, 48, is a decorated Army veteran and military intelligence analyst.

Florida shooter was living with military intelligence analyst

Kimberly and James Snead

After Nikolas Cruz's adopted mother Lynda Cruz died of pneumonia, Cruz initially moved in with family friends the Deschamps.

Then, in November 2017, Nikolas Cruz moved in with James and Kimberly Snead, and their 17-year-old son.


The Sneads told their lawyer, James Lewis, that they had no idea Cruz was capable of a school shooting.

'They didn't see anything in this kid, that he was a danger or that he harbored any ill feelings toward the high school,' Lewis told the Palm Beach Post.

'The family brought him into their home, they got him a job at a local dollar store. They didn't see anything that would suggest any violence. The couple saw no warning signs the night before the bloodbath.

In an interview with the Sun-Sentinel on Saturday, James and Kimberly Snead said they never saw the violent side of Cruz, but recognized that the 19-year-old was depressed about his mother, who died in November.

Above, we see a figure said to be Nikolas Cruz, after the shooting at the Florida school.

But, the source of the photo is the Jewish organisation called 'Chabad' which has been repeatedly linked to false flag terror events and to child abuse.

"Time and again the Chabad - Mossad - members and houses are involved with acts of terror. Chabad Houses, under the guise of religious centres are dens of espionage used by Mossad operatives the world over."


There are many conflicting accounts concerning Nikolas Cruz.

'Nikolas Cruz received multiple awards for outstanding academic performance.'

Jonathan Guimaraes, 17, said he and Cruz were in JROTC (army cadets) together: 'He was normal. He didn't have any issues.'

[30][32] Nikolas Cruz

Math teacher James Gard said Cruz was in his class last year.

'He was a pretty quiet kid,' Gard said. 'He was a very well-behaved kid in my class. He was never a behavioral problem in my class.'


"I support the ban on assault weapons," Trump wrote in his 2000 book, The America We Deserve.

Is the Florida School Shooting a psy-op by the Trump regime?

Meadow Pollack

Meadow Pollack is supposed to have died in the Florida School Shooting on 14 February 2018.

Mourners walk to the gravesite for shooting victim Meadow Pollack.

Meadow Pollack lived in Skippack, Pennsylvania.


Meadow is a friend of Alexa Miednik from Skippack, Pennsylvania.

Teen's hauntingly calm encounter with Nikolas Cruz.

Meadow is a friend of Dallas McPeak, an Intelligence Analyst at the United States Navy.

The Pollacks have links to Israel.


At the time of the Florida School Shooting, Diana Haneski 'knew what to do because her friend survived Sandy Hook'

'Get back in here!' Sandy Hook lessons spared lives in Florida shooting

Left - 'Cruz, outside his home.' Right - Cruz, or his body double.

Nikolas Cruz, 19, was wearing a maroon shirt with the logo from the Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps program.

Florida school shooting: Nikolas Cruz.

In one chat message, Cruz told the members that his birth mother was Jewish and said he was glad he never met her.

Group chat messages show school shooter obsessed with race, violence and guns - CNN

There is a belief that the Deep State likes to divide and rule the population using issues such as race, religion, immigration and sexuality.

'I heard some gunshots and I saw some high schoolers running,' Ben said. 'In the distance, as the shots were going on, I saw a boy running and then I saw him go down.'


Merit Freeman:"You know you're right when the search engines bury you. I tried Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Disconnect, Every search engine in my bookmark list. They ALL refuse to link to the article." Another False Flag Shooting in Florida?

Chabad has been linked to various false flags

Henry Makow‏ 

" "Biston says that Chabad rabbis have been working closely with Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, who is a member of Chabad."

The Sandy Hook school shooting?

Henry Makow‏ 

Sandy Hook victim teacher Victoria Soto - a crisis actress with a background in porn? …

False Flags are often linked to child abuse rings.


Nikolas Cruz would appear to have been mind controlled.

His brother, Zachary Cruz, has been taken, against his will, to a mental health facility.

School shooter's brother committed to mental facility .

A grinning Donald Trump visits a victim of the Florida school shooting.

"Many sources, including students, parents, and teachers" have said on camera that they were told prior to the Valentine's Day shooting that an active shooter drill would be taking place.

Scott Israel
Scott Israel is the sheriff dealing with the Florida School Shooting of 14 February 2018.

A 17 year old accuses Sheriff Scott Israel of an affair and abortion 

Scott Israel was also involved with the Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting.

Esteban Santiago-Ruiz, who served in Iraq in 2010 as a private first class and combat engineer.

On 6 January 2017, Esteban Santiago-Ruiz, a US military veteran, shot dead five people at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida.

In 2016, Santiago-Ruz had walked into an FBI office in Alaska "and said that he was being forced by the CIA to fight for ISIS."


It is believed that ISIS is run by the CIA and its friends.

America Created Al-Qaeda and the ISIS Terror Group.

Florida Shooting .

"Santiago-Ruz said that the US government was trying to control his mind and he was being forced to watch ISIS videos."

It is believed that the CIA and its friends mind-control young people in order to turn them into ISIS fighters.

The purpose of a mass-shooting psy-op is to move public opinion to the 'Right'.

After the shootings in Norway, in 2011, public opinion, in key parts of Norway, moved to the 'Right'.


Both Trump and Clinton are said to be part of the Deep State, which has a Right Wing agenda, involving keeping the rich elite in power.

Mass shootings can make conservatives more conservative.

Trump's approval rating reaches above 60 percent in West Virginia.

Gallup poll 

A new report in The New Yorker claims that Donald Trump had a sexual relationship with former Playboy Playmate of the Year Karen McDougal while married to wife Melania. In addition, an entrepreneur has lifted the lid on Trump and a waitress.

Trump supporters see Trump as a strong leader who will protect them from people like Chelsea Manning.

The above photo is not of Nicholas Cruz.

The Daily Beast interviewed some students about Cruz. One said:

"He always had his hair short. He always wore like really patriotic shirts that seemed really extreme, like hating on the Islamic religion.

"For example, he would say things such as like, he would degrade islamic people as terrorists and bombers. I've seen him wear a Trump hat. I don't know if he ever said anything about women. He didn't have any friends."

Florida School Shooting Suspect Nikolas Cruz .

According to Jalen Martin, a senior at Stoneman Douglas High School, United States Secret Service personnel were on the ground at the school several weeks before the shooting.

Jalen Martin said that a teacher of his had confirmed that indeed the Secret Service was present at the school a few weeks prior.

'Secret Service was present, before the shooting'


Trump is in charge of the Secret Service.

Trump Signs Bill Revoking Obama-Era Gun Checks for People With Mental Illnesses.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, like Sandy Hook.

On 14 February 2018, there was a 'false flag' shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, in the Miami metropolitan area.

Broward Sheriff Scott Israel confirmed that 17 people had been killed


A number of students said they heard the fire alarm right before the first shots were fired and many were in the process of evacuating.

There had been practice drills.
The school had already had a fire drill earlier that day, leaving many of the students confused. 


The shooter  was wearing a gas mask


Chabad rabbis associated with the school coordinated an evening of prayer, consolation and memorial.[19]

Cruz, the suspect.

The 'mind-controlled patsy' is 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz.

Cruz was arrested about and hour after the shooting first broke out when police cornered him in a nearby neighborhood.

As a high school freshman, Cruz was part of the US military-sponsored Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corp program at the school.

Lynda Cruz with Nikolas.

Cruz was adopted as an infant and raised by Roger and Lynda Cruz

Cruz had been getting treatment at a mental health clinic for a while.

Florida shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz.


Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School senior Alexa Miednik told a reporter she thinks there "definitely had to be two shooters involved" because she spoke with suspected gunman Nikolas Cruz shortly after shots were fired from another part of the school.

She says she did not see him with a gun as they spoke.

Student: There 'Had To Be Two Shool shooters

Alexa Miednik

"Alexa claims her class was rushing out of the school when she saw  Cruz, 19, after hearing gunshots, and she joked that she thought he would have been the gunman.

"Alexa said: 'I kind of joked to him about it and said I’m surprised you weren't the one who did it.'

"She added: 'He just gave me a, 'huh?'"

Florida school shooting suspect .

 There are several Alexa Miedniks. This one lives in Skippack, Pennsylvania. She is married.

The idea behind false flag attacks is to get people scared.



Below, we see two photos of 'Nikolas Cruz'.

What colour is his hair?

'Nikolas Cruz'. Is his hair red or Brown?

The people who adopted Nikolas Cruz and his brother Zachary were Lynda Cruz and her husband Roger Cruz.

Lynda Cruz, died of pneumonia in November 2017 at age 68.

Roger Cruz, about 19 years ago.

Nikolas Cruz and his brother Zachary were in the care of a family friend at the time of the shooting, people close to the family told the Associated Press.

The family that took Cruz into their home "got him a job at the local dollar store. 

"They didn't see anything that would suggest any violence," said Jim Lewis, an attorney representing the family, according to The Washington Post.

Is this a photo produced by the security services?

Image result for images; shooting; broward county; parkland school wounded; injured; florida

"People were so casual about it that the carried their balloons all about despite the horror that purportedly unfolded."

Florida Parkland Shooting Hoax

Armed policeman inside the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on 14 February 2018. This is the Strategy of Tension.

Since January 2013, there have been at least 291 school shootings across the USA - an average of one per week.

At least three of those reportedly killed in the Florida school shooting have Jewish origins.

There is a belief that the Deep State is organising shootings to advance its agenda.


The Deep State is the Mafia drugs trade, the child abuse rings, the war mongers, the false flag terrorists, the mind controllers, the robber barons, the Nazis and the Zionists.

Reportedly, the Mafia's Sam Giancana had links to 7 US Presidents. 

Tarak Kauff, US Veteran, stated, "The wealth of this country is disappearing down the tubes into the stuffed pockets of the financial/military/industrial oligarchs."